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Out from under the Bell Curve:
A Teach-in on Confronting Right-wing Ideology and Social

Saturday, April 1, 9 am-6 pm

at Public School 41
Sixth Avenue and Eleventh Street

$12 preregistration
$15 at the door
$5 students/low-income

What is the ideology that underpins the "Contract on
America" and Giuliani's "Reality Therapy"? What is behind
the massive gutting of educational and social programs
that is dramatically reshaping the lives of New Yorkers
and people in cities across the country? Why is all of
this happening now?

This one-day teach-in will use Murray and Hernstein's
much-debated book as a case-in-point. It will bring
together activists and analysts to look at:

--how _The Bell Curve_ supports particular political,
social, and economic agendas;

--how it provides deceptive explanations for widening
class, race, gender, and ethnic divisions; and

--how it erodes basic democratic values.

Panels and workshops will take apart the ideology
embodied in _The Bell Curve_, and discuss how it works
and strategies to combat it.

Keynote Speakers:

***Charmaine Bailey, student, Bronx Community College

***Linda Burnham, Director, Women of Color Resource
Center and an editor of _Crossroads_ magazine.

***Stephen Jay Gould, Professor of Paleontology and
Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University and author of
_The Mismeasure of Man_ and _Ever Since Darwin_

***Tony Mazzocchi, Presidential Assistant, Oil, Chemical,
and Atomic Workers International Union (OCAW), AFL-CIO

***Richie Perez, National Congress for Puerto Rican

***Don Rojas, former Communications Director, NAACP;
editor at the _Amsterdam News_; former press secretary to
Maurice Bishop of Grenada's New Jewel Movement


***Randy Credico
***Rainbow Voices

Partial List of Workshop Participants (list in formation)

***Mimi Abramovitz, Professor at Hunter College School of
Social Work
***Jose Alfaro, public school social worker
***Norma Allen, Wingate High School Advocates for
***Sam Anderson, Network of Black Organizers
***Ellen Braune, New Channels Communications
***Eleonora Castano Ferreira, Brecht Forum, Institute for
Popular Education
***Marilyn Clement, Health Care: We Gotta Have It!
***Bob Fitch, author, _The Assassination of New York_
***Andy Humm, member, Chancellor's Multicultural Advisory
***Danny Kessler, public school teacher
***Eli Messinger, child psychiatrist, Associate
Professor, New York Medical College
***Gerald Meyer, coordinator, Hostos Action Committee
***Don Murphy, People About Changing Education (PACE)
***Stuart Newman, Council for Responsible Genetics
***Marie-Claire Picher, Brecht Forum; Theater of the
Oppressed Laboratory
***Suzanne Ross, public school psychologist
***Nan Rubin, Jews for Racial and Economic Justice
***Greg Tewksbury, _School Voices_
***Ethel Tobach, co-editor, _Challenging Racism and
Sexism: Alternatives to Genetic Explanations_
***Lou Turner, editor and "Black World" columnist for
_News and Letters_
***Juliet Ucelli, People About Changing Education (PACE)
***Joel Washington, Network of Black Organizers
***Margaret Willig-Crane, Economic and Social Human
Rights Advocacy Network

Partial List of Workshops (list in formation)

***_The Bell Curve_: Unmasking "Scientific" Arguments
***_The Bell Curve_: Unmasking Ideology
***Race and Racism
***Dismantling the New Deal
***Analyzing the Contract on America
***Fundamentalism, the Religious Right, and Violent
Right-wing Movements
***Public Education and the Contract on America
***Student Activism and the Struggle for Democratic
Education: Organizing for the 1990s
***NYC Reality Therapy: Jobs and Unemployment
***NYC Reality Therapy: Dismantling the Safety Net--
Welfare and Healthcare
***Civil Rights, Criminal Justice, Violence, and
Immigration Policy
***Environmental Racism
***Psychiatrists against _The Bell Curve_
***The Role of the Media and Ways to Confront It
***Challenging Racism in Biology
***Popular Education Workshops
***Sexism and Attacks on Women

Sponsoring Organizations:

The Brecht Forum (initiator); Center for Constitutional
Rights (CCR); Council for Responsible Genetics; Educators
for Social Responsiblity; Health Care: We Gotta Have It!;
Genes and Gender Collective; Jews for Racial and Economic
Justice; The Learning Alliance; Network of Black
Organizers (NOBO); New Channels Communications; New York
Committees of Correspondence; People About Changing
Education (PACE)

To pre-register, please make checks or money orders
payable to *The Brecht Forum* and send to The Brecht
Forum, 122 West 27 Street, 10 floor, New York, New York
10001. Fees are $12 regular pre-registration rate ($15 at
door) and $5 for students/low-income.


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