On Sun, 8 Oct 1995, Harel Barzilai wrote:

> LBBS, Left Online (email [EMAIL PROTECTED], or [EMAIL PROTECTED]) proudly
> offers the third Semester of LOLU, Left Online University (email
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] for full details, including complete course catalog)
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> *NOTE*: YOU MUST JOIN LBBS (one time $20 fee includes manual, software,
> 2 hours) to enroll -- sign up now -- email [EMAIL PROTECTED] for full

I hope people have better luck with these feckless anarchists than I did. 
I called in early August in order to track down some articles by Chomsky 
on postmodernism. The phone machine announced that they were on vacation 
and would be back in the office at a certain date in August. I called on 
that date and several times in days hence, only to receive the same 
bloody message. Are anarchists so distrustful of technology that they 
don't want to learn how to change an answering machine's message remotely?

When I finally reached our freedom-loving friends at Z, I was informed 
that they didn't have back issues with Chomsky's articles, but invited me 
to join their LBBS bulletin board, from which I could download Chomsky's 
articles. I said fine and e-mailed them my Visa credit card data in early 
September. I have not been billed, neither have I gotten any follow-up 
information on my subscription to the LBBS.

My advice to my anarchist friends at Z: tighten up ship, develop a 
little bit of anal retention, crib a little from the 
creepy cultish Marxism-Leninist sects, but do what ever it takes to 
appear more like a professional political outfit rather than some 
tie-died SDSers from 1969.

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