>This is a bit of a mess, because Louis is angry about something that
>gets in the way of his thinking, but here goes:

James, it not a bit of a mess. Your post is a complete mess. You should be
aware that PEN-L is not the Spoons Lists. Over on the Spoons Lists you can
feel free to make all the messes you want. Over here much more rigor is
necessary. Don't you realize that all of the most important left-wing
thinkers in the world are lurking here. Every serious journal in the world
has at least one of the editors perusing PEN-L. Ernest Mandel was a
frequent contributor until his untimely demise. I had a brutal debate with
him just before his death about the role of relative surplus value in the
delicatessen business in 1948. I wonder to this day if I didn't give him
heart failure.

Now you should stop making messes here and strive for lucidity, you bad
boy. Your post was filled with raw emotion, bad grammar and misspelling.
Surely your Oxford education can do better than this.

Meanwhile, there's nothing you wrote that I find worth commenting on except
one small item. You ask me how American landlords transformed themselves
into a bourgeoisie without a struggle? My suggestion is that you take a
look at Part 8 of Volume One of Capital, "The Secret of Primitive
Accumulation" for an answer. There is one proviso, however. There was a
struggle in the US which was as bloody as the one Marx described. The
struggle took place not against Scottish and Irish village-based
subsistence farming, but against Native Americans, and the Africans who
were enchained and brought to the US to help in the accumulation of
capital. It is the genocidal exploitation of Native Americans and African
slaves that made US capitalism possible.

Oh yeah,  one other thing. I am in favor of giving Florida back to the
Seminoles. And that's just a start.

Louis Proyect

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