Justin writes: >Daniel Little, The Scientific Marx, an AM study of the 
method of Capital. ... I don't like most "Marx and Method" work; they tend 
to be full of windy disquisitions on dialectics that have no application to 
any reasonable about the world, or even economic and political theory. ...<

Yes, one of the basic rules of dialectical thinking is not to reify the 
method, i.e., to link every abstraction to concrete exemplars, just as Marx 
used the cotton-textile industry. Ollman, it is true, doesn't follow that 
rule: in his ALIENATION, he's best when he's not talking about dialectics 
_per se_ (i.e., the alleged three "laws" of dialectics).

I wonder though: how can anyone apply a reductionist perspective to 
understand CAPITAL, which starts with the perspective of the totality? or 
maybe this isn't what an "Analytical Marxist" approach entails? or perhaps 
Daniel Little isn't that type of AM-ist?

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