"Ralph Nader is not a leftist.  I doubt that he would call himself a
leftist.  Is much more in line with the old populists, who believe in the
theory of Adam Smith . . . "

Thank god for PEN-L.  You learn something every day here.

Yesterday I learned that Nader, who draws thousands of people
to his rallies to hear him and others rail against corporations,
globalization, Republicans, and Democrats, and in support of
industrial action, labor rights, regulation, and the welfare state
is not a leftist.

Presumably that leaves just PEN-L and Looey.  Overnight, the ranks
of the left have been depleted by 99 percent.  Oh, the humanity!!!

I'm not an expert, but I would summarize Smith's theory as the
good social effect resulting from narrow, self-seeking activity.
I defy anyone to find support for that among the old populists
or in Nader's movement.


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