Is this the correct place to ask questions about Mail::IMAPClient?

I'm not sure if it is a bug so I'd like some help determining if it is before posting or contacting David Kernen.

If this is the wrong place any and all suggestions are welcome.

Short story.

Two nearly identical systems using the same script but accessing two
different versions of the IMAP server on two different systems.  (The
guilty protected for now but they are know for not following RFCs and
standard practices in the email world.)

On one system

my $msghdr = $imap->parse_headers(
) or die ...

Works fine.

On the _problem child_ nothing is returned in $msghdr.

I've looked at the $imap object in the debugger (x $imap) before and
after parse_headers() and the portion that applies looks identical.

The only difference, other than memory locations, is the _problem child_
accesses a system with a newer version of the IMAP software which returns info with the version. I had to check the other by telnet to the port.

Ideas, suggestions?


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