Ricardo SIGNES a écrit :
> Xavier,
> I feel like I already talked to you about this, but I can't find any record of
> it, so I'm guessing that I'm wrong.
> emailproject.perl.org/svn has been moved (mostly) to github.  One of the few
> things I have not dealt with is Net-Server-Mail, because I am not one of its
> maintainers.
> I see that you made a commit to Subversion that never made it onto the cpan
> (0.06 of XFORWARD).  Are you still working on this project?  I'm actually
> looking at using it for some LMTP test work.  If you have it in a new repo,
> great.  If not, please let me know if you want me to export its history for
> you.  I would like to turn off the svn server bits soon.
> Finally, if you're not using it any more, I would be happy to take over
> maintenance, release the changes, and fix any bugs I find while playing with
> it.
> Thanks!

Hi Ricardo,

I have no other repository. I made a few changes on Net::Server::Mail
since it work for me (more than 1 million message a day) and I have no
demand to modify something.

I've taken Net::Server::Mail in maintenance few years ago because there
was a lot of bug not corrected. Now, if you want to contribute, no
problem for me. I would be happy not to stay alone on this project.
I know that there is a problem with LMTP using Unix sockets (CPAN/RT)
but I can't reproduce it.

Best regards,

Lemonldap::NG Web-SSO project (http://lemonldap.objectweb.org/).

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