* Xavier <x.guim...@free.fr> [2009-01-15T01:26:31]
> I have no other repository. I made a few changes on Net::Server::Mail
> since it work for me (more than 1 million message a day) and I have no
> demand to modify something.
> I've taken Net::Server::Mail in maintenance few years ago because there
> was a lot of bug not corrected. Now, if you want to contribute, no
> problem for me. I would be happy not to stay alone on this project.
> I know that there is a problem with LMTP using Unix sockets (CPAN/RT)
> but I can't reproduce it.

Ok.  I would like to delete the current Subversion installation on the box
running emailproject.perl.org, and it sounds like you are not likely to set up
a repo for this.

I will import the existing history to GitHub.  If you'd rather I don't, just
say so and I will either not, or I will delete what I've already done.

Once I've done that, I may check in some changes.  If nothing else, I found
some documentation problems yesterday.


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