* Lyle <webmas...@cosmicperl.com> [2009-02-16T10:27:01]
> I guess the question really is, should Email::MIME take the single parts 
> headers, when only one part is added to the containing Email::MIME 
> object? Or should the single parts headers be lost, and the containing 
> Email::MIME objects headers be used.

This is a bug in Stuff.

The logic should be something like:

  if html xor text, start with that kind of part, with its attributes

  if html and text, start with multipart/alternative; attrs stay on parts

  if there are attachments, make multipart/mixed with parts [bodypart, att]

Instead, the logic is much cruder, and is likely to produce incorrectly
structured messages and, as you've found, trample attributes.  My suggestion,
if you don't want to really fix the code, is to not use Stuff.


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