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* "Roderick A. Anderson" <raand...@cyber-office.net> [2009-06-06T17:50:13]
Ricardo SIGNES wrote:
* Bill Moseley <mose...@hank.org> [2009-06-06T11:34:29]
I see the recommendation to use Email::Sender, but are there docs
You have sent this message at an excellent time!  Email::Sender::Simple is
potentially done, and I've written a quickstart guide, just last night.
OK I'm hooked.  How much more potential is there?  :-)

I think I've nearly got all our internal features into Simple.  One that didn't
make it is the archiver, which I will release later as a subclass of Simple.
It basically says "after send_email, send AGAIN to ANOTHER transport, but throw
away any failure."  We use this to keep a copy of all the automated messages we
send out without having to write code to do so explicitly.

Interesting idea. So far those that receive the messages either save a copy themselves or delete them.

I've been trying for a good and "simple" way to send email from Windows and Linux systems. So E:S:S looks like it would fill the bill. In fact I think I've tried and used (with differing success) Email::Sender and friends but never came up with a consistent tool/method that worked for both OS'.

The current dev release of Simple doesn't yet try to use Sendmail transport, it
just starts with SMTP.  The next release will try Sendmail first, and fall back
to SMTP.

I need to look at this some more. Most of the time these reports/notifications try not to use the "local" transport. They use SMTP on another (email) system.

Real life experience with using it welcome!

Well real life with have to be testing for real life until I know they work but I'm going to do some of that testing stuff later today.


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