I wanted to parse an email, get the headers, replace a few and delete a few.
I saw that Email::Simple wonderfully fits the bill being simple and light. I
saw that you can replace or set message headers using
$email->header_set(headername, headerval1, headerval2,....) But I wanted to
delete a header.

So I looked at the source and deduced that if I have
$email->header_set($headername) i.e I don't give the value to set, as per
the internal working of the code, it actually deletes the header - which is
what I want. Is this an intended feature? Because it has not been
documented. Or is it a side effect of the current code, which might be
changed later?

If it isn't an intended feature, I think it should be - and it should be a
part of the documentation, where in either header_set provides this
functionality or adding a new sub - header_delete which calls header_set to
do this. In either case, the POD should contain a explanation about it. Its
really useful. The module code too is really worth reading.

It would really help the users of the Email::* project to know that as many
wouldn't look at the source. Thanks for developing such a wonderful set of


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