* Eddie Rowe <webmas...@tarheeloesrescue.org> [2010-04-14T11:41:45]
> I have tried to process messages from a Mozilla Thunderbid INBOX file.

Sorry it took me a month to reply.

> [code]
>  use Email::Folder;
>  my $folder = Email::Folder->new("c:/users/eddie/desktop/INBOX.txt");
>  while( my $message = $folder->next_message ) {
>      print join "\n", map { $_->header('Date') } $message;
> }
> [/code]

I don't know what format Thunderbird stores stuff in.  Email::Folder guesses
based on the filename, and I don't know what it will guess here.  Probably

Is it mbox format?  Are you *sure*?  If so, use Email::Folder::Mbox directly.


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