I'm trying to use Email::MIME to send a simple email with a .doc file as an 
attachment.  I receive it fine with Gmail, but my job email chokes on it when 
it tries to scan the attachment for viruses ('UNSCANABLE').

    send SMTP => Email::MIME->create(
        header => [
            To      => $FROMADDR,
            From    => $OWNER_EMAIL,
            Subject => "Your exam file",
        parts => [
                body => "The exam file is attached to this message.",
                body       => io("$EXAM"),
                attributes => {
                    filename     => $EXAM_FILE_NAME,
                    content_type => 'application/msword',

Should I include an 'encoding' attribute for both parts, and if so, what should 
it be?  Would that make it more friendly to different MTAs?

-James (mako132)

-- James Peregrino - http://people.dce.harvard.edu/~peregrin/business-card.html

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