* Steve Atkins <st...@blighty.com> [2011-11-10T20:25:26]
> > I need to be sending out ARF (i.e., RFC 5965) reports on a production
> > systems, possibly 100-1,000 ARFS/second, using perl.
> That's pretty high volume.

Yes.  I'm not sure how Email::ARF will do, but am interested  to find out...

> >  What's my best bet
> > both in terms of performance and adherence to RFC draft spec for ARF?
> > Email::ARF::Report
> > look promising, but warns it's not "production ready."
> That's probably the smart choice.

Email::ARF is used by me to parse oodles of reports.  I have a few known bugs
with generation.  I'll try to close those out this week so you can give it a
try. :-)


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