On 13/07/14 19:50, Ricardo Signes wrote:
> * Matijs van Zuijlen <mat...@matijs.net> [2014-07-13T07:17:39]
>> - Email::Sender is more dangerous: if through a programming error an
>> undefined transport is passed to sendmail(), it will happily try to send the
>> mail you were trying to save locally via SMTP.
> Don't use Email::Sender::Simple, use the Mbox (or whatever) transport 
> directly.

Thanks, that's a lot easier in this case.

>> - Email::Sender::Transport::Mbox will not accept messages without a sender,
>> whereas Email::LocalDelivery does allow this.
> Don't you need a sender for the From_ line?  Pass an empty string as needed..?

Yes, using the transport directly makes that easier too.

Thanks for the hints. I got it all working nicely.



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