Marc Chantreux wrote on 11/19/17 2:52 PM:

As the sympa community ( recently grown, we are
thinking about revamping the whole UI and we would like to have
a new web archiver based on:

* no default frontend but exposing the API through REST, websockets or
* maximizing the interactions between Sympa and CPAN
* trying to avoid other dynamic langage or jvm dependency
   (or considering them as temporary solutions)
* being JMAP friendly (we bet on it to become a very healthy community)

My first idea was to use notmuch, PEP modules and Dancer on top of
maildirs then i discover Dezi (inactive since 2015) and the use of
Lucy (also used by the very active librecat project).

I like to think that Dezi, like Lucy, is stable rather than inactive, but your point is taken. :)

I know Dezi is a general search engine but i hope that taking care of
a good email support for it than reinvent the wheel.

You could use Dezi::App with something like to index email messages. Then serve the index(es) with the Dezi server. That's definitely a known use case.


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