On Wednesday 16 May 2018 10:50:40 Eric Wong wrote:
> p...@cpan.org wrote:
> > Both
> > 
> >     "Quoted N'Ame" <f...@example.com>
> > 
> >     "Quoted N\'Ame" <f...@example.com>
> > 
> > are syntactically and semantically valid and correct. And represent
> > exactly same phrase. Just first one is shorter as an apostrophe
> > character is not needed to escape. (But you can).
> Ah, good point, I failed to realize that.

You can escape any character in quoted string.

> > Escaping ' character is done by Email::Address::XS module which
> > Email::MIME uses. So it is not Email::MIME (related) code.
> And I failed to realize Email::Address::XS was being used in
> this case :x  (I mainly support whatever's packaged for Debian stable)

Yes, Email::Address::XS is not in Debian stable. And older versions of
Email::MIME does not use Email::Address::XS.

> > Ok, I will change Email::Address::XS module to not escape ' character
> > when it is not needed.
> Thank you; it'll look a bit cleaner in the raw message, at least :>
> > If you know more similar problems, please let me know.
> > 
> > Thanks for report!
> Will do, thanks for catching this.  I guess this list covers
> everything in Email::*, anyways?

E.g. Email::Stuffer uses Email::MIME. So transitively - yes.

Anyway, Now I pushed more changes related to formatting and parsing
email addresses into Email::Address::XS git repository at github
https://github.com/pali/Email-Address-XS (branch master).

Can you test if everything is OK now in master branch?

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