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Who was Anders Behring Breivik working for?
Jostemikk / 20 hours ago

One would think it was impossible to determine who and what Anders Behring Breivik is and who his clients were and are, but we have no evidence. The mind these forces one in the direction of pointing in the usual compass direction one is forced to take every time a terrorist incident must be investigated and attempted understood. Straight into the intricacies of the secret services. Shining Pole. We must see in which direction these services attempting attention, and what tools they have available, and sufficient power over, to undertake this task. A task that is about to deceive the Norwegian people roll around.

The lone wolf

The lone terrorist, or the lone wolf, has become the favorite of the secret services. It's no wonder, for the lone wolf is a tool they can pull out of the hat every time they need him. One of the most brilliant points with the lone wolf is no PST or other monitoring programs in retrospect can be accused of not having revealed to him before he committed the terrorist act. For it is quite impossible to reveal these lone wolves. They have no network, so there is no monitoring. They never talk to anyone about their plans, so no one can tell the police about them. Are they just decided enough, they can carry out their actions without interference from anyone. Everyone knows this. The lone wolf is in the whole unstoppable. That's why it's the perfect scapegoat for the secret services and police. No one can retrospectively with conviction accused of not having discovered his plans in time to stop him. This notwithstanding, manages the secret services and the police using their own planted people in the national prostitute, the political parties, the police and the courts to use the threat of just coming loners to tighten freedom Norwegian residents mistakenly believe is secured through the same organs. Permissions to monitor Kari and Ola are dealt over a low shoes, and they presstituerte used to convince the citizens of each country about the necessity of increased monitoring, the arming of the police, tighter weapons regulations etc. Here's an example from Aftenposten 6 October 2011:


PST to be better at monitoring Internet

UPDATED: 18.OKT.2011 5:19 p.m.
ISSUED: 06.OKT.2011 10:09

The then PST chief Janne Kristiansen received already in October 2011 yelled to another 44 million to monitor Kari and John Doe. My comment, not the original caption of the article: The then PST chief Janne Kristiansen received already in October 2011 yelled to another 44 million to monitor Kari and John Doe. NOK 20 million extra on your budget allows PST can invest in an advanced search engine for the Internet.

The national budget, the Government proposes a total increase of NOK Police Security Service (PS) with 46.44 million crowns.

Focus online

Almost half of the funds, NOK 20 million, earmarked for an advanced search engine that will do PST better to get an overview of what is happening on the Internet.

NOK 10 million will be used to strengthen bodyguard service.
NOK 20 million to do that PST can invest in an advanced search engine for open networks.
NOK 9.4 million will go to increased surveillance capacity.
7,040,000 million, full-year impact of eight new FTEs from 2011.
Better monitoring online

PST has received strong criticism in the wake of the 22 July. Only three days after the terrorist attacks that killed 77 people went PST chief Janne Kristiansen out and said that terror accused Anders Behring Breivik (32) was a "lone wolf" who could not be detected.

Although Behring Breivik had bought 6,000 kg of fertilizer, had three guns and vigorously debated and came with nationalist views on right-wing extremist online forums, the PST admitted that they did not know who 32-year-old was. Nor by putting the information together, he could be detected, according to the security services.

- He has performed so cynical, cold, cruel and calculating that he has managed to go under our radar. This is not even solo terrorism. This is a lone wolf, one that runs under all radars, said PST chief Janne Kristiansen said in an interview with Aftenposten 25 July.

Here you see just what I'm trying get ahead. They say with one part of the cracked tongue that the lone wolf is one that goes under the radar, one they can not possibly reveal, for the second, to communicate with the other half of ophioglossum vulgatum that only they get enough money, and politicians give them authority to to monitor residents in Norway, it will suffice in some way help anyway. This nonsense reader gets indiscriminately served by one of the foremost representatives of the presstituerte in Norway, not particularly glorious Aftenposten. A sharp weapon to shoot himself through the fog wall They presstituerte and authorities have set up to protect their own crimes, the book Gro gate of Setsaas and Ramm, which can be downloaded in Ingrid's enhanced version in PDF form here. The secret services can not function without the courts, they presstituerte, police management, political parties and other powerful bodies is part of it. They are one and the same, and so it must be. Everything was built up of banking oligarchs in the last century, which besides wish for a surveillance society in order to consolidate his own omnipotence, needed a tool to make themselves invisible.

The great contradiction

By willingly help from The presstituerte did Anders Behring Breivik a lone wolf, but equally important is that they also created an image of an irresolute mom s girl as the few times he dared drop hem of mother, sitting at home in his bedroom in the orphanage and played war games on the Internet. So the paradox. I do not know why they presstituerte in Norway has revealed this. They may have done it accidentally, perhaps thought that it did not matter, or they may have been pressured into it, because it has been rewritten abroad and by bloggers, and thus would come to light for most anyway. A third possible reason is that they serve us disinformation. It's about Anders Behring Breivik's trip to China, former Soviet Union countries, Yugoslavia and Liberia. It is also about the German disclosure of Anders Behring Breivik who arrested arms dealer. Here we have thus a irresolute toddler who besides hang in mommy's skirt, acting as the purest James Bond. Let's take a look at his 007-exploits. From ABCNyheter 14th January 2016:


Norwegian authorities did not know about that Breivik was taken in Germany with weapons The mass murderer shall in 2009 have been stopped during a routine control in Germany with weapons parts and ammunition. It was not reported to the Norwegian police, claims German documentary filmmaker.

When officers went through the car they have found both ammunition and weapon parts, but information on this should therefore not have been passed on to Norwegian police.

In addition, he should have seen documents relating Breivik to purchase weapons in Southeast Europe.

There are not any among ordinary Norwegian non-mammadalter who takes on the job of smuggling weapons, weapons parts and ammunition from Eastern Europe to Western Europe, possibly Norway. At a declared mom s girl do it is nothing less than sensational. Are hardly better off he went to Liberia, one of the world's most dangerous countries for buying blood diamonds. For all excess during one of the bloody civil wars there. There was another Breivik represented not only through a subdivision / NGO of the United Nations, but probably the Norwegian secret services and / or foreign service. Remember that Anders Behring Breivik's father Jens David Breivik was in the Foreign Service, including with Torgeir Hagen, who later became Chief of Defence E-service.


WFP forced to limp dry food distribution in Western Liberia
from the World Food Programme

Published on 10 Oct 1996
The World Food Programme has stopped distributing dry food rations in parts of strife-torn Liberia Because of fear of attack by faction fighters on the civilian population, leaving tens of thousands of hungry people without food. "The fighters harass the civilians, stealing food and any other commodities They have," said Arnt Breivik, WFP's Country Director in Liberia. "We are worried about the security of our beneficiaries." Last month, WFP and its partners had distributed two-week rations two almost 40,000 hungry people in Tubmanburg and Cape Mount county. However, recipients had Become targets of faction fighters.As a result, WFP, the United Nation's food aid agency, is now only engaged in limited targetted wet-feeding programs - where the food is cooked and then given two people on the spot - in Tubmanburg and Cape Mount County. WFP food is now only reaching about 2,500 people in These areas. "Manager and staff we are very Concerned about the Malnutrition levels in These parts of Liberia, we can not put these people at risk," Mr. Breivik said. Wed, September 28, fighters attacked the town of Sinje, in Cape Mount County, killing some 21 civilians, mostly women and children.

"Even the people themelves garden Asked us to stop giving themselve food Because They are afraid," Mr. Breivik said.

As far as I've found out was Arnt Breivik there for a few years before he possibly was stationed in Sudan. I do not know who he is, but the main thing is that Anders Behring Breivik was in Liberia in 2002, and he came from Ivory Coast on their way to Africa, here according to Dagbladet on March 2, 2012:


- Met "war hero"

Dagbladet are told that Breivik testified that he traveled on from Ivory Coast to Liberia in 2002, where he claims he was in two to three weeks. Where he claims that he met a Serb "war hero". To enter the country told Breivik that he had to bribe several officials before he finally came to the capital Monrovia. Breivik claims he bluffed themselves by saying that he worked for UNICEF.

Three years later he applied for a visa to China, and got this granted.

Can we draw a conclusion from this?

I answer more than happy to own question, and the answer is yes. It goes without saying what this means. Of course under the assumption that we can relate to the presstituertes information about this as somewhat true. If they are, the truth about Anders Behring Breivik shocking, for it is drawn a picture of a very tough and specially trained young man who is so far from being an irresolute mom s girl as possible. PST and the secret services would not be aware of the actions of this man is impossible. That despite this obvious fact is such that Anders Behring Breivik was never summoned for questioning, and that the secret services, PST and police subsequently refuses to have had him on the radar, can only mean one thing. He is one of them.

Please consider seriously the reason why these elite institutions are not discussed in the mainstream press despite the immense financial and political power they wield? There are sick and evil occultists running the Western World. They are power mad lunatics like something from a kids cartoon with their fingers on the nuclear button! Armageddon is closer than you thought. Only God can save our souls from their clutches, at least that's my considered opinion - Tony

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