--- Comment #11 from Robert-André Mauchin <> ---
(In reply to Ralf Corsepius from comment #10)
> (In reply to Matthew Miller from comment #9)
> > I agree -- Ralf, this is by no means an acceptable way to act towards new
> > people in Fedora, and your comments about "noobs" are way off base.
> Matthew, please note that I did not accuse Robert-André in person.
> I was talking about a general tendency in Fedora, I consider not to be
> helpful.
> To me, Robert-André is a complete unknown, I've never heard of before who
> popped out of blue sky, despite I am monitoring almost everything esp.
> related to perl-packaging in Fedora, ever since Fedora exists.
> That said, Robert-André, please take my appologies, I did not mean to offend
> you by any means.
I understand you were talking in general.

> > Robert-André is a member of the packaging group in good standing. Please add
> > him as a committer so that he can work on the EPEL packages.
> No idea, how to do this.
> leaves me completely clueless.

It's In Settings, then scroll down to Users and Group:

For both packages, Add user "eseyman" Permissions "Commit" and Add user
"eclipseo" Permissions "Commit"


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