--- Comment #13 from Ralf Corsepius <> ---
(In reply to Matthew Miller from comment #12)
> This probably is not the proper forum for hashing out whatever "general
> tendency" you're talking about,
Agreed, this is not the appropriate forum.

> but no matter what that is, it's important
> for all Fedora contributors to be welcoming to new users — and people in
> leadership positions in Fedora packaging need to hold themselves to the
> highest standard in that regard.
That's a point, I do not agree with and have never agreed with. Fedora should
be selective about the technical skills of its contributors and accept not

> The problem with "My actual point is I do not want Fedora to be furtherly
> run down by noobs." is not that someone might be offended, but that it is
> discouraging to new people in  Fedora. Especially in conjunction with
> refusing a request, that gives the distinct impression that Fedora does not
> welcome new contributors.
> Fedora is a big project and it's incredibly likely that there will be people
> we don't recognize. It's best to assume good intentions.
Put yourself into my position: A person, which has been completely unknown to
me dropped out of the blue and requested an EPEL7 branch. Something many people
have done before. Many of them "hit the wall", when they realized that this is
not a easy task. Actually, this is the reason why EPEL - esp. wrt. perl modules
- is far behind Fedora (with all consequences: insecure, broken, outdated)

Another problem related to this: Unlike pkgdb, pagure lacks the concept of
per-branch maintainers. This means to grant the person full access of the

> On the technical side:
> WhatHappenedToPkgdb#How_do_I_give_a_user_commit_access_to_a_dist-git_repo.3F
Sigh. This is a parent page of what left me clueless above. You actually only
understand it when you already know it.

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