Bug ID: 1546887
           Summary: CVE-2018-5123 bugzilla: CSRF in report.cgi allows to
                    extract confidential information from a bug [epel-6]
           Product: Fedora EPEL
           Version: el6
         Component: bugzilla
          Keywords: Security, SecurityTracking
          Severity: medium
          Priority: medium
        QA Contact:

This is an automatically created tracking bug!  It was created to ensure
that one or more security vulnerabilities are fixed in affected versions
of epel-6.

For comments that are specific to the vulnerability please use bugs filed
against the "Security Response" product referenced in the "Blocks" field.

For more information see:

When submitting as an update, use the fedpkg template provided in the next
comment(s).  This will include the bug IDs of this tracking bug as well as
the relevant top-level CVE bugs.

Please also mention the CVE IDs being fixed in the RPM changelog and the
fedpkg commit message.

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