On vendredi 23 février 2018 13:56:58 CET Petr Pisar wrote:
> It's a long time I sent a message here. And because your read my new
> message, it means something is wrong. Here it is:
> GCC won't be in the minimal build root
> <https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/Remove_GCC_from_BuildRoot> since
> Fedora 29. That affects Perl packages that executes gcc at build time
> <https://ignatenkobrain.fedorapeople.org/gcc-removal-pkgs.txt>.
> Many of them use ExtUtils::CBuilder
> <https://ignatenkobrain.fedorapeople.org/gcc-removal.txt> and thus Paul
> proposed adding dependency on gcc to perl-ExtUtils-CBuilder
> <https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1547165> instead of adding it
> to each of the affected spec file as C guidelines recommends
> <https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging:C_and_C%2B%2B#BuildRequires_and_Re
> quires>.
> It's true that the only reason for ExtUils::CBuilder existence is to build
> C code. Thus it is reasonable to require gcc from this package.
> (ExtUils::CBuilder also supports C++ and I think it makes sense to require
> both gcc and gcc-c++.)
> But if perl-ExtUtils-CBuilder will require gcc, then all Module::Build
> driven packages (403) will pull in gcc because current perl-Module-Build
> requires it. In reality there is only 59 architecture specific packages
> that uses Module::Build.
> So it's tempting to remove the ExtUtils::CBuilder dependency from
> perl-Module-Build. Can we do it?
> "XS Extensions" section in Module::Build::Authoring reads:
>     Modules which need to compile XS code should list "ExtUtils::CBuilder"
>     as a "build_requires" element.
> Contrary to that Module-Build requires ExtUtils::CBuilder in it's META data.
> Thus I don't believe CPAN distribution authors or Fedora packagers do that.
> And indeed Fedora has 36 Module::Build packages that are missing
> ExtUtils::CBuilder build-dependency:

What about packages that use perl(XSLoader) but not perl(Module::Build)? 
Shouldn't they require gcc too?

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