Bug ID: 1600090
           Summary: Bad license in doc/jp/Class-Data-Inheritable.pod
           Product: Fedora
           Version: rawhide
         Component: perl-Class-Data-Inheritable
        QA Contact:
   External Bug ID: CPAN 29648

doc/jp/Class-Data-Inheritable.pod from Class-Data-Inheritable-0.08 as found in
Fedora 29 is "Artistic only":

Copyright (c) 2000, Damian Conway and Michael G Schwern. All Rights Reserved.
This module is free software. It may be used, redistributed and/or modified
under the terms of the Perl Artistic License (see

I added a comment to an upstream bug report (CPAN RT#29648).

Fedora must remove the file from the source archive or the upstream change the

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