--- Comment #8 from Petr Pisar <> ---
CGI::Fast is for running CGI scripts through FastCGI protocol. There is no need
for that. Instead you should execute the CGI scripts as a normal CGI script
directly by the httpd. You only need to configure httpd to load mod_cgid or
mod_cgi module (depending on active MPM implementation) and hook .cgi  file
names to that module (using "SetHandler cgi-script"). This is nothing new to
RHEL-8. It was like that even in RHEL-7.

For the long-running state-preserving jobs, you can use FCGI Perl module in the
job scripts (already packaged in RHEL-8). In my opinion CGI::Fast does not
provide many benefits comparing to FCGI module. In both cases you need to
change the scripts to contain the FastCGI loop. There is mod_fcgid for for
spawning the scripts from httpd. mod_fcgid has the nice feature that it nicely
reuses httpd MPM configuration (spawning multiple instances, load balancing,
limiting resources, restarting and watching scripts). If you want to get rid of
the FastCGI loop boilerplate code in your scripts I recommend rewriting them to
the PSGI interface and using Plack as a midleware between FastCGI protocol and
your script.

We can package perl-CGI-Fast in EPEL 8 if you find a use for that. I only
recommend you testing it first whether it fits your needs and works for you. My
haze recollections are I had some issues with it. But I cannot remember what
they were.

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