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--- Comment #2 from Petr Pisar <> ---
There are few failures on CPAN testers. I guess it's a race in
lib/Test/Fake/ that attempt to bind to a specific TCP port:

            my $d;
            for (1..10) {
                $d = $self->_daemon_class->new(
                    LocalAddr => '',
                    LocalPort => $port,
                    Timeout   => $self->{timeout},
                    Proto     => 'tcp',
                    Listen    => $self->{listen},
                    (($self->{scheme} eq 'https') ? (SSL_cert_file =>
$self->{cert_file}) : ()),
                    (($self->{scheme} eq 'https') ? (SSL_key_file =>
$self->{key_file}) : ()),
                    ($self->_is_win32 ? () : (ReuseAddr => 1)),
                ) and last;

            croak("Can't accepted on$port") unless $d;

The test should either skip the test, if it cannot bind, or it should pass an
already bound socket to the daemon, or it should not force a specific port and
let operating system to select any free port.

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