--- Comment #1 from Tom "spot" Callaway <> ---
This is the change that caused the issue:

Essentially, one of the subtypes is not matching this regex:

my $re_token = qr/[\x21\x23-\x27\x2A\x2B\x2D\x2E\x30-\x39\x41-\x5A\x5E-\x7E]+/;
# US-ASCII except SPACE, CTLs and tspecials ()<>@,;:\\"/[]?=

If you can change this line (178) from:

croak 'Invalid Content-Type \'subtype\' parameter' if $ct->{subtype} !~


croak "Invalid Content-Type 'subtype' parameter: '$ct->{subtype}'" if
$ct->{subtype} !~ /^(?:$re_token)*$/;

I think that will shed light on what subtype in Bugzilla is not passing the
regex, and whether that is a bug in Bugzilla or in the regex.

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