On Saturday 15 December 2007 01:34:37 Michael G Schwern wrote:

> Buuuut skipped tests don't get run so it's effectively deleted, except a
> permanently skipped test sits around cluttering things up.  Smells like
> commenting out code that maybe someday you might want to use again in the
> future.  Just adds clutter.
> If I want to bring a test (or code) back from the dead that's what version
> control is for.

Some people (not me; I think they're slightly NUTS) believe that it should be 
possible to fork a CPAN module from the CPAN sources only, and thus every 
tarball of every distribution should contain everything necessary to take 
over maintainership of a module.

I say that people who want to know what the silly POD-checking tests look like 
should be able to find a thousand verbatim instances on the CPAN, and anyone 
who can't isn't fit to take over maintainership of someone else's module.

-- c

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