> On Wed, Nov 05, 2003 at 04:19:44PM -0500, Esposito, Anthony wrote:
> > How would you convince someone that programming in Perl is better than
> > using the UNIX Korn Shell? 
> > 
> > I need some 'intellectual ammo' to convince my colleagues that Perl is a
> > better, more powerful language, to do our scripting.  Any suggestions?
> > :-)

I'd forego the 'intellectual ammo' -- you shouldn't shoot your
colleagues (well not usually :-) -- and arguing makes people defensive:
Just convince them by solving problems better and faster and sooner than
they can in shell.  It works better than proselytizing.

I'm doing that at work: several people have borrowed books or articles
from me after seeing an app or a one-liner that did just what they wanted:
they wanted to do do cool things too!

If you do want ammo, my war-story is: I'm doing some Perl courses at IBM
in the UK, Perl is *the* scripting language used for writing tests and
product builds for MQ, the SSA disk group ... and the Java development
group.  Their main requirements are a common language across all
platforms:  none of this :-
        case `echo "X\c"` in
        X?c)    ECHON=-n ;;
        *)      ECHOC='\c' ;;
        echo $ECHON "Some prompt: $ECHOC"
        case `uname -o` in
        Solaris)  # ...
        AIX)    # ...
        HPUX)   # ...
which doesn't work on OS/400, OS/2 and Win32 'cause there's no shell ...

Best wishes
Chris Benson

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