Gabor Szabo wrote:

> So I have a new little project called Padre to become an IDE for Perl.


> As you - the trainers - encounter such people quite often I wonder what do
> you currently use during training? What do you recommend to your students?

For our general enrolment courses we usually have windows on the desktop and a
linux server.  Those who will be primarily using windows, use Perl on that and
we provide them with PerlEdit[1].  Everyone else sshes into the server and uses
vim (almost exclusively)[2] or emacs (occasionally) or nano (extremely rarely).

[1] PerlEdit:  It's free enough, easy to
install, very easy to use, has some neat Perl features (syntax highlighting,
perldoc lookup, inline error feedback).  We'll swap it for something else that
was more free, as easy to install and use, as soon when we find out about such.

[2] Sometimes they think they're using vi, but they're not.

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