Well ... it's some perl source that I'm wanting to be able to patch. 
(But,yeah ... I know ... that doesn't count :-)

Does anyone have a working patch.exe on Vista ?

At every attempt I make to run 'patch' from the cmd.exe command line I'm 
prompted for admin password and, having provided that, the bloody thing then 
gets executed (ie runs and exits in a flash) instead of being run from the 
command line like I want.

This happens for:

1) The patch.exe that's part of MSYS. (If I try to run that particular 
patch.exe from the MSYS shell I just get a flat "permission denied".);

2) GNU patch-2.5.9-7;

3) The patch.exe that I just copied across from my Windows 2000 machine. (As 
soon as I stuck it on the Vista box I could tell from its icon that the same 
problem would arise.)

Does anyone here happen to know what one needs to do in order to have a 
useable patch.exe on Vista ?


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