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Subject: RE: [OT] patch.exe on Vista is unusable.
>> Despite the fact that this is a great and wondrous innovation on the part 
>> of
>> Microsoft (I bet Linux wish they'd thought of it first), I would like to
>> remove this behaviour. Anyone know how to do that ?
> Did you try to create a patch.exe.manifest file in the same directory as
> patch.exe that request to run "asInvoker"?

Just gave it a try now - but no luck. I get a pop-up telling me that "The 
requested operation requires elevation".

> If this doesn't work, download the ACT (Application Compatibility Toolkit)
> from Microsoft and try to apply a runAsInvoker shim to the executable.
> There may also be a location in the registry to specify the requested
> execution level.

I'll pursue that at some stage. For the moment I'll just rename 'patch.exe' 
to 'patsh.exe' - which works fine. When I first posted about this I didn't 
realize that a rename would work. I had tried renaming the file to 
'my_patch.exe', but when the problem persisted I thought there must be more 
to it than a simple rename. It didn't occur to me at that time that the 
filename must !~ m/patch/i.

I also tried out Jack's suggestion involving "Run as administrator", but 
couldn't get anywhere with that either.

Thanks Jack, Jan.


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