On Wed, 24 Sep 2008, Sisyphus wrote:
> Despite the fact that this is a great and wondrous innovation on the
> part of Microsoft (I bet Linux wish they'd thought of it first), I
> would like to remove this behaviour. Anyone know how to do that ?

I think I figured it out: In the policy editor open "Local Security
Policy", navigate to "Security Settings", "Local Policies", "Security
Options" and then deactivate the "User Account Control: Detect
application installations and prompt for elevation" policy.

This policy uses heuristics to detect install/update programs and pre-
emptively requests elevation for them when you launch them.

These heuristics seem to trigger on a whole bunch of words, including
"setup", "install", "update" and "patch" anywhere in the filename, but
there are supposed to be other heuristics as well that look at the
version information.

When you disable this policy then you probably will have to explicitly
request privilege elevation whenever you run an old-style installer
that doesn't have a manifest embedded.


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