On Tue, 07 Oct 2008, Conor Lillis wrote:
> When I try and download modules using the interactive PPM client, I get
> the error below:-
> "ERROR: Can't extract files from
> C:\temp\ppm-nSFdSn/Archive-Zip-1.23.tgz"
> Can anyone help and tell me what I am missing, I guess it is something
> local not installed not facilitating the unzip/untar to function

If you can still reproduce this problem, could you please run

   ppm log > logfile.txt

and send that logfile to me?  It will only include log messages from the
last 5 minutes, so you really need to run it immediately after you see
the failure.

PPM already contains code to verify that the downloaded tarball has the
same size as the http Content-Length header promised, so I wonder why
this is not being detected correctly.


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