Hi Matthew,

Thanks for the advice. For this particular script, I'm not doing any data 
manipulation, so using :raw is probably the approach I want to take. I'm just 
feeding my script a list of record IDs and a MARC file in order to pull out 
records that have the record ID I'm looking for.


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> > The problem was I wasn't telling perl to output UTF-8. Now that I
> > added
> > binmode(FILE, ':utf8') to my script, the problem is fixed. However,
> > it sounds
> > like once I set binmode to UTF-8 everything will be interpreted as
> > such, even
> > when the record is in MARC-8. Is that right? So this means that I
> > can only use
> > my script with a file of records where all of them are encoded in
> > UTF-8. If I
> > want to run the script against a file with all MARC-8 encoding,
> > then I'd need
> > to remove the binmode line.
> It depends how much manipulation of the records you are doing in the
> script.  One approach is to use
> binmode(FILE, ':raw');
> for both input and output.  Perl will then keep the bytes of the
> records exactly as they are.  You won't be able to test  for exotic
> characters so easily, and amending field content would be
> inadvisable, but if all you are doing is something like reading in
> the records and filtering out any that have no 245 field, or
> something fairly basic like that, this could be the best approach.
> The MARC::Record module does not seem to care how the records are
> encoded.  It's only once you start altering field content, testing
> field content, or adding fields that the character set being used
> becomes an issue.  Removing fields would be fine too.
> MARC-8 can be very complex, particularly if other code tables like
> CJK are invoked, or even just Greek or Cyrillic.  If you were
> manipulating field content in that kind of way they converting
> everything to UTF-8 would make things very much easier.
> Matthew
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