Hello Robin, 

I'm just back from YAPC::Eu and find your mail. As we said that we would
use the perl4lib mailing list for futher discutions on MARC::MIR, i Cc
the answer.

On Thu, Aug 23, 2012 at 12:04:50PM +0200, Robin Sheat wrote:
> I'm wondering where the most up-to-date code for MARC::MIR is. I had a
> look on github, but couldn't see the template stuff that you mentioned
> (but I haven't looked closely - it's lunchtime now.)


I just realized there is no documentation:


is the best doc. 

I also realised there are uncommited stuff on my disk: i'll push it

Johann, i'll see also the biblo ontology. Maybe we can convince some
librarians to work on the template ? if needed: i can provide a web GUI to
edit MIR Templates.


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