I have uploaded version 1.0 of MARC::File::XML to CPAN.  Changes from
version 0.93 are:

1.0  Sun Feb 10 21:32:32 PST 2013
       - Use XML::LibXML rather than XML::SAX to parse MARCXML records.
         This offers a significant speed improvement for record parsing;
         in some tests, parsing time on a large file was reduced by 80%.
         This also avoids problems caused by character encoding bugs in
       - Add method to let client code give MARC::File::XML a shared
         XML::LibXML parser object.

As you can see, this is a major change from the XML::SAX days, and I would
appreciate feedback, particularly if folks encounter porting problems.

Also, if there is anybody whose code depends on MARC::File::XML using SAX
-- presumably only if you were subclassing MARC::File::SAX -- please let me


Galen Charlton

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