Corrupt tar file RESOLVED.

But here's the background anyway.

I downloaded the MARC-Charset-1.34.tar.gz to Windows7.

"The archive is corrupt" was the error message from WinRAR on Windows.
Other utils on the same platform agreed.

I made a second download with the same result.

Now - third try - it suddenly works!

So, either something happened during the first two transfers.
Or - some mirror somewhere has a corrupt copy.
(and my downloads happened to use that mirror)


Från: Galen Charlton []
Skickat: den 11 februari 2013 20:01
Till: Leif Andersson
Kopia: perl4lib
Ämne: Re: MARC::Charset 1.34


On Mon, Feb 11, 2013 at 10:50 AM, Leif Andersson 
<<>> wrote:
It gunzips fine, but then there seems to be something wrong with the tar file...

Could you elaborate?  In particular, what platform are you on and what error 
message are you getting?

I tried installing MARC::Charset 1.34 via a 'cpan MARC::Charset' on a fresh 
Debian box, and it worked for me.


Galen Charlton<>

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