I have uploaded version 2.0.6 of MARC::Record to CPAN.  This is a
small functionality and bugfix release.  Here are the changes since

- MARC::Field->as_string() now accepts an optional second
  parameter to specify the delimiter to use between
  subfields. (Tomas Cohen Arazi)
- MARC::Field->delete_subfield() can now accept a regexp
  to specify the subfields to remove.  For example, to
  remove all numeric subfields, one can say:

  $field->delete_subfield(code => qr/\d/);

  (Jason Stephenson)
- the warnings pragma is now used throughout MARC::Record
- $field->as_string('0') now returns the contents of
  subfield $0 rather than the contents of all of the
  subfields in the field.
- RT#88421: add newline after printing warnings
  (Jason Stephenson)
- RT#85804: fix spelling glitch (Gregor Herrmann)


Galen Charlton

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