Can someone suggest a way to identify if a MARC record, coded at LDR/09 = ‘a’ 
has non-unicode characters in it? I tried the following, kind of grasping at 
straws, against a record that I know has non-unicode characters. It didn’t 
report any errors.

      # $bib_id is defined as 001 field
       my $bib_marc = [subroutine defined elsewhere to get a marc record 
        eval {
                $bib_rec = MARC::Record->new_from_usmarc($bib_marc);
        } ;

        if ($@) {
                print ERRORS "$bib_id\t$@\n";

We have a group of records in our database that are mostly Unicode but have 
some erroneous characters. I’d like to have a script to run against them to see 
if they’ve been completely cleaned up after the catalogers work on them.

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