I've been tasked with massaging a large batch of French-language MARC
records from a vendor.  Aside from the usual MARC field
manipulation/cleanup we usually do with perl, I've been asked to run the
520 field through a translation routine/API, etc. to convert (possibly
crudely) from French to English.  I thought that Babelfish or
http://api.yandex.com/translate/doc/dg/reference/translate.xml might be
options, but Babelfish appears to be dead, and when I clicked to get the
required key for the yandex API, the link led to a dead end.

Is anyone incorporating POST queries or other methods to translate fields
in MARC records?  I'd appreciate any leads or pointers.

Thanks in advance,

Eileen Pinto
Library Systems Office
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA  94720-6000

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