Hi there is also Z39.50 support in Catmandu


e.g. To fetch marc you can do:

$ catmandu convert Z3950 --host z3950.loc.gov --port 7090 --databaseName 
Voyager --query "(title = dinosaur)" to MARC

a Perl api is included.

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> Hello all....I haven't posted here for a long time, but have been doing lots 
> of interesting stuff with MARC/Perl....
> I would like to know an easy way to get started with Z39.50. (For example, 
> how to get MARC records from the LC, NLM, etc. servers)
> Anyone have some program segments they would be willing to share?
> Thanks for your time and help.

Here is a link to a simple (read, “rudimentary”) Z39.50 search interface:


But I’m sure your mileage will vary.

If you are comfortable with Perl, then I suggest you play with Yaz/Zoom:


Eric Morgan

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