Anyone with a more profound gcc knowledge has an opinion on this?

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 Date:    Fri, 20 Feb 2004 13:53:56 -0600
 Subject: Replacing '-rdynamic' in Configure script


I'm running Perl on Linux, and have wondered why the 'Configure' script
suggests using '-rdynamic' for linking the Perl binary. The GCC
documentation does not mention '-rdynamic', and after hunting around a bit
for some info on it I found that it appears in the gcc specs file, and is
apparently another way to specify '--export-dynamic'. So, instead of using
this undocumented (in my GCC-3.5 CVS code) flag, replace it with a call to
the linker to use '--export-dynamic'.

I don't have a patch prepared, but all that would be required would be to
change line 7630 in Configure from

linux)  dflt='-rdynamic' ;;


linux) dflt='-Wl,-E' # or '-Wl,--export-dynamic'.

When configuring Perl, I've been replacing '-rdynamic' with
'-Wl,--export-dynamic', and things have worked flawlessly.

Thanks for hearing me out, and thanks to all the Perl developers.

Art Haas

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