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commit dd819584009e7adfc0786ed5beaf6c805ef05a2d
Author: E. Choroba <>
Date:   Sat Sep 17 22:05:15 2016 +0200

    Fix English in perlfunc

Summary of changes:
 pod/perlfunc.pod | 2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/pod/perlfunc.pod b/pod/perlfunc.pod
index e2c9a81..efd6198 100644
--- a/pod/perlfunc.pod
+++ b/pod/perlfunc.pod
@@ -4350,7 +4350,7 @@ opens the UTF8-encoded file containing Unicode characters;
 see L<perluniintro>.  Note that if layers are specified in the
 three-argument form, then default layers stored in ${^OPEN} (see L<perlvar>;
 usually set by the L<open> pragma or the switch C<-CioD>) are ignored.
-Those layers will also be ignored if you specifying a colon with no name
+Those layers will also be ignored if you specify a colon with no name
 following it.  In that case the default layer for the operating system
 (:raw on Unix, :crlf on Windows) is used.

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