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commit bd5630ab7f091ed4c39efcdbb5b9433bd6cf4fe3
Author: Aaron Crane <>
Date:   Sun Oct 16 14:12:42 2016 +0100

    perldelta: draft for commits up to 877b982928

M       pod/perldelta.pod

commit 9b7af82debf50f8890235264a20ef439b2695c9c
Author: Aaron Crane <>
Date:   Sun Oct 16 13:58:52 2016 +0100

    Move perldelta entry to correct section

M       pod/perldelta.pod

Summary of changes:
 pod/perldelta.pod | 85 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++---------
 1 file changed, 71 insertions(+), 14 deletions(-)

diff --git a/pod/perldelta.pod b/pod/perldelta.pod
index 7479528..0168d73 100644
--- a/pod/perldelta.pod
+++ b/pod/perldelta.pod
@@ -80,16 +80,19 @@ as an updated module in the L</Modules and Pragmata> 
 =head1 Performance Enhancements
-XXX Changes which enhance performance without changing behaviour go here.
-There may well be none in a stable release.
+=over 4
-[ List each enhancement as a =item entry ]
+=item *
-=over 4
+Converting a single-digit string to a number is now substantially faster.
 =item *
+The internal op implementing the C<split> builtin has been simplified and
+sped up. Firstly, it no longer requires a subsidiary internal C<pushre> op
+to do its work. Secondly, code of the form C<my @x = split(...)> is now
+optimised in the same way as C<@x = split(...)>, and is therefore a few
+percent faster.
@@ -119,6 +122,11 @@ XXX
 =item *
+L<B::Concise> now produces output that is more descriptive for C<op_private>
+=item *
 L<XXX> has been upgraded from version A.xx to B.yy.
@@ -208,6 +216,12 @@ Details as to the exact problem have been added to the 
diagnostics that
 occur when malformed UTF-8 is encountered when trying to convert to a
 code point.
+=item *
+Executing C<undef $x> where C<$x> is tied or magical no longer incorrectly
+blames the variable for an uninitialized-value warning encountered by the
+tied/magical code.
 =head1 Utility Changes
@@ -242,7 +256,8 @@ L</Platform Support> section, instead.
 =item *
+Builds using C<USE_PAD_RESET> now work again; this configuration had
@@ -260,7 +275,11 @@ that they represent may be covered elsewhere.
 =item *
+Some parts of the test suite that try to exhaustively test edge cases in the
+regex implementation have been restricted to running for a maximum of five
+minutes. On slow systems they could otherwise take several hours, without
+significantly improving our understanding of the correctness of the code
+under test.
@@ -273,15 +292,13 @@ changes as paragraphs below it. ]
 =head2 New Platforms
-A sub containing a "forward" declaration with the same name (e.g.,
-C<sub c { sub c; }>) could sometimes crash or loop infinitely.  [perl
 =over 4
-=item XXX-some-platform
+=item NetBSD/VAX
+Perl now compiles (again?) under NetBSD on VAX machines (though it's not
+possible for that platform to implement floating-point infinities and NaNs
+compatibly with most systems).
@@ -343,6 +360,33 @@ beyond pass/fail.  Previously, the only ways to know why a 
sequence was
 ill-formed was to capture and parse the generated diagnostics, or to do
 your own analysis.
+=item *
+Several new functions for handling Unicode have been added to the API:
+These functions are all extensions of the C<is_utf8_string_*()> functions,
+that apply various restrictions to the UTF-8 recognized as valid.
+=item *
+All parts of the internals now agree that the C<sassign> op is a C<BINOP>;
+previously it was listed as a C<BASEOP> in F<regen/opcodes>, which meant
+that several parts of the internals had to be special-cased to accommodate
+it. This oddity's original motivation was to handle code like C<$x ||= 1>;
+that is now handled in a simpler way.
 =head1 Selected Bug Fixes
@@ -356,7 +400,20 @@ files in F<ext/> and F<lib/> are best summarized in 
L</Modules and Pragmata>.
 =item *
+A sub containing a "forward" declaration with the same name (e.g.,
+C<sub c { sub c; }>) could sometimes crash or loop infinitely.  [perl
+=item *
+A crash in executing a regex with a floating UTF-8 substring against a
+target string that also used UTF-8 has been fixed. [perl #129350]
+=item *
+Previously, a shebang line like C<#!perl -i u> could be erroneously
+interpreted as requesting the C<-u> option. This has been fixed. [perl

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