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commit 3e4937135bd6e55ca4a300aaaa8f85bdb4acee19
Author: Jarkko Hietaniemi <>
Date:   Mon Oct 17 17:55:26 2016 -0400

    make regen for the IBM/CRAY fp

M       uconfig.h

commit 8516bb3f7611e2ac3fd0e0af6947f9c4fe470f4c
Author: Jarkko Hietaniemi <>
Date:   Mon Oct 17 08:29:35 2016 -0400

    Add scan for IBM and Cray mainframe fp formats.
    For completeness: it's quite unlikely Perl would build in those
    Though with Cray it's less impossible: Perl used to build in C90
    UNICOS, in 5.8-ish timeframe.
    With IBM, highly unlikely, because there probably never was a UNIXy
    enough environment where the IBM Floating Point Architecture was used.

M       Configure
M       Porting/Glossary
M       config_h.SH

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