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commit 773d126d349e75a61bbc0b116e6048aaa9a48fc1 (HEAD -> blead, 
Author: Chris 'BinGOs' Williams <>
Date:   Tue Oct 18 11:14:18 2016 +0100

    Update Net-Ping to CPAN version 2.51
    2.51  Mon Oct 17 16:11:03 2016 +0200 (rurban)
           version in cperl since 5.25.2c
           - Fixed missing _unpack_sockaddr_in family, which took AF_INET6 for
             a AF_INET addr in t/500_ping_icmp.t and t/500_ping_icmp_ttl.t.
             Use now a proper default.
    2.50  Sat Apr 16 11:50:20 2016 +0200 (rurban)
           version in cperl since 5.22.2c
           - Handle IPv6 addresses and the AF_INET6 family.
           - Added the optional family argument to most methods.
             valid values: 6, "v6", "ip6", "ipv6", AF_INET6
           - new can take now named arguments, a hashref.
           - Added the following named arguments to new:
             gateway host port bind retrans pingstring source_verify 
           - Added a dontfrag option, setting IP_DONTFRAG and on linux
             also IP_MTU_DISCOVER to IP_PMTUDISC_DO. Note that is ignored if
             Socket does not export IP_DONTFRAG.
           - Added the wakeonlan method
           - Improve argument default handling
           - Added missing documentation
           - Reapply tos with ping_udp, when the address is changed.
             RT #6706 (
             ditto re-bind to a device.
           - $ip is now a hash with {addr, addr_in, family} not the addr_in 
packed IP.
           - added _resolv replacing inet_aton,
             _pack_sockaddr_in and _unpack_sockaddr_in replacing sockaddr_in,
             _inet_ntoa replacing inet_ntoa
           - Use _isroot helper, with Win32 _IsAdminUser helper.
           - added several new tests (Steve Peters)
    2.43  Mon Apr 29 00:23:56 2013 -0300
            version in perl core since 5.19.9
            - Handle getprotobyn{ame,umber} not being available
    2.42  Sun May 26 19:08:46 2013 -0700
            version in perl core since 5.19.1
            - Stabilize tests
            - wrap long pod lines

M       Porting/
M       dist/Net-Ping/Changes
M       dist/Net-Ping/lib/Net/
A       dist/Net-Ping/t/000_load.t
A       dist/Net-Ping/t/001_new.t
A       dist/Net-Ping/t/010_pingecho.t
D       dist/Net-Ping/t/100_load.t
M       dist/Net-Ping/t/110_icmp_inst.t
M       dist/Net-Ping/t/500_ping_icmp.t
M       dist/Net-Ping/t/520_icmp_ttl.t
M       t/porting/known_pod_issues.dat

commit 9747538fdc8c401e9fa3ebc3d91138566240bf35
Author: Chris 'BinGOs' Williams <>
Date:   Tue Oct 18 10:10:41 2016 +0100

    Update Archive-Tar to CPAN version 2.12
    2.12  16/10/2016 (KHW && JKEENAN)
    - Fix pod in bin/ptar
    - Distinguish between archives with/without directory entries

M       Porting/
M       cpan/Archive-Tar/bin/ptar
M       cpan/Archive-Tar/lib/Archive/
M       cpan/Archive-Tar/lib/Archive/Tar/
M       cpan/Archive-Tar/lib/Archive/Tar/
M       cpan/Archive-Tar/t/09_roundtrip.t

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