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commit 9bb63f2b0120b9934ed08f4b4ecf689c7d1762ed
Author: Steve Hay <>
Date:   Tue Aug 8 13:58:55 2017 +0100

    Cross off the Time-HiRes commits: I've now pulled in 1.9741

M       votes-5.24.xml

commit 74a979551283ef35dcb580fad10568bce29beaa9
Author: Steve Hay <>
Date:   Tue Aug 8 13:52:30 2017 +0100

    Vote for a test fix
    With that fix in as well, and with a correction to the auto-merge of
    bb152a4b44 (note now added about it to remind me for later), all these
    commits cherry-pick cleanly and everything builds and passes all tests
    for me. Just need some more votes now :-)

M       votes-5.26.xml

Summary of changes:
 votes-5.24.xml | 14 --------------
 votes-5.26.xml |  5 ++++-
 2 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 15 deletions(-)

diff --git a/votes-5.24.xml b/votes-5.24.xml
index 840fec5412..a6031773a5 100644
--- a/votes-5.24.xml
+++ b/votes-5.24.xml
@@ -63,15 +63,6 @@ There doesn't seem to be a blead commit for this ticket, so 
nothing to backport.
 <commit votes="khw arc" id="753b2c6a60a81dacbe59e2041e30e8302484dc2d" 
desc="Fix -Dr output regression"/>
-NOTE from jhi: so the Time-HiRes in 5.24.1 has the broken version of 
Time-HiRes that is broken in OS X.  Possibilities:
-[1] The smallish fix from 
(blead c4a535af41823cc84534bf8dbecfdcc3eb7daa86) which upgrades 1.9734 to 1.9739
-[2] Craig Berry's fix in;m=148305290013791 
which upgrades 5.24 maint to version 1.9741, which has now been out for two 
months, and seems to be doing well: http://ma ... [44 chars truncated]
-NOTE from arc: I'd like to see this fixed in maint-5.24. Since the changes
-in 1.9739 are already fairly involved, I'm inclined to think that the
-additional risk of going to 1.9741 is limited. I therefore tentatively cast
-a vote in favour of that approach.
-<commit votes="jhi craigb xsawyerx alh" id="" desc="[cpan #120032] Doesn't 
compile with Perl 5.24.1 on OS/X"/>
 NOTE from jhi: the following cluster of hexfp-related fixes
 (in ascending time order) only makes sense as a unit, they all touch
 the same code. I tried cherry-picking these onto maint-5.24, and only
@@ -110,11 +101,6 @@ so I've voted for the cluster in total.
 <div><h3>Build and Installation Fixes</h3>
-Should we not just backport 2d41a263 instead? And does 5.22 need this, too? 
-The entry above about [cpan #120032] is the same underlying issue, I think. 
-See also, on which it is 
said that 5.22 doesn't suffer the problem (assuming it is also the same thing).
-<commit votes="" id="c4a535af41823cc84534bf8dbecfdcc3eb7daa86" desc="[perl 
#128972] Build failure on OS X 10.12 Sierra."/>
 <commit votes="craigb jhi" id="f6a154ae766a3404d83b81448ca6a356d30198e1" 
desc="Treat VSI C the same as DEC/Compaq/HP C."/>
diff --git a/votes-5.26.xml b/votes-5.26.xml
index 5d2bbde165..a76a73414d 100644
--- a/votes-5.26.xml
+++ b/votes-5.26.xml
@@ -34,13 +34,16 @@ The same criteria apply to code in dual-life modules as to 
core code.)
 <commit votes="khw steveh" id="1d5030e143202c1e963e1fc91eb6f3afaa2df83e" 
ticket="131646" desc="[perl #131646] 5.26 regression: Assert fail instead of 
proper error msg" />
 Fixes a problem with the previous patch:
-<commit votes="tonyc" id="9c6b56dc65cdd9256fbe04a7baf4f085db1c04dd" 
ticket="131646" desc="(perl #131646) make the test less fragile" />
+<commit votes="tonyc steveh" id="9c6b56dc65cdd9256fbe04a7baf4f085db1c04dd" 
ticket="131646" desc="(perl #131646) make the test less fragile" />
 <commit votes="steveh" id="790acddeaa0d2c73524596048b129561225cf100" 
ticket="131085" desc="[perl #131085] Crash with sub-in-stash" />
 <commit votes="steveh" id="d7e3f70f30811328d2f6ae57e5892deccf64d0b2" 
ticket="105930" desc="set up catchable runloops early enough" />
 <commit votes="steveh" id="655f5b268af8bf50c44ba4ae4803a33c9b792b8b" 
ticket="130861" desc="S_require_tie_mod(): use a new stack" />
 <commit votes="steveh" id="42752acc4959c5b770bbc29532bf2677f4533c4e" 
ticket="128207" desc="Make LOCK_LC_NUMERIC_STANDARD recursive" />
 <commit votes="steveh" id="9604fbf0722bd97ca6031a263c50ad52b6633db7" 
ticket="131526" desc="(perl #131526) don't go beyond the end of the NUL in 
my_atof2" />
+Take care when cherry-picking this: The test count isn't adjusted correctly by 
Git because maint-5.26 doesn't have 90c172854f (which reduced the count by one):
 <commit votes="steveh" id="bb152a4b442f7718fd37d32cc558be675e8ae1ae" 
ticket="131575" desc="don't call Perl_fbm_instr() with negative length" />
 <commit votes="steveh" id="e13dc8886fcabf88a521e8e73c358157b1fa4c8a" 
ticket="131627" desc="[perl #131627] Fix multideref for $x{qw/a/->$*}" />
 <commit votes="steveh" id="e26c6904d9f9f5ea818e590331b14038279332d1" 
ticket="131645" desc="[perl #131645] Fix assert fail in pp_sselect" />
 <commit votes="steveh" id="67c3640a57440a4e9e224e9164ac9f39bdc9376f" 
ticket="131570" desc="(perl #131570) don't skip the temps stack entry we just 
allocated" />

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