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commit fd5419162a843f8abcf59758c96b138840747138
Author: Karl Williamson <>
Date:   Sat Jul 15 18:18:47 2017 -0600

    locale.c: Use strerror_l if platform has it
    strerror_l makes the my_strerror function trivial, as it doesn't have to
    worry about critical sections, etc.  Even on unthreaded perls, it avoids
    having to change the current locale, and then change it back.

M       locale.c

commit 2760ded85ebcbd61cbfa1494d52a846ae61c7969
Author: Karl Williamson <>
Date:   Mon Jul 24 12:34:29 2017 -0600

    locale.c: Refactor some #if clauses
    This moves all the handling of the case where there are no locale
    messages, instead of splitting it up across long stretches of
    conditionally compiled code.  This code is essentially trivial, and seen
    to be so when it isn't split up; this prepares for the next commit.
    The final return of the function is still split off so that all branches
    go through it, and the debugging code adjacent to it.

M       locale.c

commit bbe84ae531950feb9609ff525297b8cd54a2bdf5
Author: Karl Williamson <>
Date:   Sun Jul 23 22:28:30 2017 -0600

    locale.c: Move some DEBUGGING code
    This is moved so it gets executed for all branches.

M       locale.c

commit e9661e2ff20d506ae5dbfe4db983be588d7dd3e6
Author: Karl Williamson <>
Date:   Tue Jul 25 12:46:00 2017 -0600

    Initialize locale object even in unthreaded perls
    This commit will now initialize the thread-safe C locale object if the
    POSIX 2008 functions are available, regardless of whether the perl is
    threaded or not.  This will allow for a future commit that uses
    them, and which is a win on unthreaded builds.

M       perl.c
M       perl.h
M       perlvars.h

commit 51fb11412ed9efc20a89198285f1827ed46330dc
Author: Karl Williamson <>
Date:   Mon Jul 24 16:02:34 2017 -0600

    locales: Add #define; change how to override
    This changes the controlling #define for using the POSIX 2008 locale
    functions to "USE_POSIX_2008_LOCALE".  The previous controlling name
    "USE_THREAD_SAFE_LOCALE" is retained for backward compatibility.
    The reason for this change is that we may add thread-safe locale
    handling even on platforms that don't have Posix 2008, so the name
    USE_THREAD_SAFE_LOCALE would be used for controlling things in that
    In other words, the concepts may become distinct, and so prepare for

M       locale.c
M       perl.c
M       perl.h

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