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commit 5bee358801eb68ecbcd386319d34fb41348bcf89
Author: Steve Hay <>
Date:   Wed Aug 9 14:01:25 2017 +0100

    Reinstate a note to myself for when cherry-picking bb152a4b44

M       votes-5.26.xml

commit b69e25288409fb77f84b5bb4059588d3cb7b3dda
Author: Steve Hay <>
Date:   Wed Aug 9 14:00:40 2017 +0100

    Remove another batch of cherry-picked commits after casting my vote
    Also add my vote to a couple more.

M       votes-5.24.xml

Summary of changes:
 votes-5.24.xml | 33 +++------------------------------
 votes-5.26.xml |  1 +
 2 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 30 deletions(-)

diff --git a/votes-5.24.xml b/votes-5.24.xml
index f99528b677..ed27cb3f6a 100644
--- a/votes-5.24.xml
+++ b/votes-5.24.xml
@@ -33,40 +33,13 @@ The fix for #129196 has been cherry-picked, so why not the 
test as well? -steveh
 <commit votes="sprout steveh" id="a6128716d2cc20147851e0a37768376647bd3242" 
ticket="129196" desc="Regression test for RT #129196"/>
 There doesn't seem to be a blead commit for this ticket, so nothing to 
backport. -arc
+Correct: As noted on the ticket, it was listed here in the hope that it could 
be fixed in time, but it hasn't happened yet. -steveh
 <commit votes="" id="" ticket="123878" desc="OPEN: Infinite recursion 
(+segfault) on die() after goto-ing out of __DIE__ handler"/>
 <div><h3>Regression Fixes</h3>
-NOTE from jhi: the following cluster of hexfp-related fixes
-(in ascending time order) only makes sense as a unit, they all touch
-the same code. I tried cherry-picking these onto maint-5.24, and only
-the first one required manual backporting (available on request).
-NOTE from arc: if it's reasonably possible to avoid the test-only changes
-from this cluster, I'd prefer that. But I accept that may not be the case,
-so I've voted for the cluster in total.
-<commit votes="jhi arc" id="b6d9b423fab1963346eb79e83b356114396b1f2e" 
ticket="128843" desc="printf %a mishandles subnormals"/>
-<commit votes="jhi arc" id="94d00769fba240ffb86f18b3d66341fb1d24ae6c" 
ticket="128843" desc="Add reference for b6d9b423"/>
-<commit votes="jhi arc" id="520f3e58c346a7bc3ef0509dfe0db206dae454ee" 
ticket="128843" desc="Comment fix for b6d9b423"/>
-<commit votes="jhi arc" id="82229f9f47d9a169b59715582fb5a09b5a4ac0ff" 
ticket="128888" desc="printf %a mishandles zero precision"/>
-<commit votes="jhi arc" id="a9ce335538454d590920dab8d62db84948f1fb83" 
ticket="128889" desc="printf %a mishandles negative pseudo-precision"/>
-<commit votes="jhi arc" id="75326c485e9d40be5c22d508f581cdea68b244ce" 
ticket="128890" desc="printf %a rounds incorrectly"/>
-<commit votes="jhi arc" id="be93048a43d87d317acca5b37619111b6a5f8c44" 
ticket="128893" desc="printf %a botches 0 flag for negative values"/>
-<commit votes="jhi arc" id="749d85343f3cdb65891a5fe3b9f55ef3a5b03ca8" 
ticket="" desc="The new tests are valid only for IEEE 754 64-bit doubles."/>
-<commit votes="jhi arc" id="5208a0305e9e82c534fa034515d54a0409dfcc77" 
ticket="" desc="Fix on top of 75326c48."/>
-<commit votes="jhi arc" id="e3f7a67e8485950fdf5fd9c7131d0a78b6c8cf32" 
ticket="" desc="Test new hexfp fixes also on (x86 80-bit) long doubles."/>
-<commit votes="jhi arc" id="44348173fce5aaf28fdf59ba6ace73ea435d9380" 
ticket="" desc="Bogus skip count."/>
-<commit votes="jhi arc" id="ee58923a8531731f8acb98ab130abf41f75ebdc7" 
ticket="128909" desc="printf %a mishandles exponent-crossing rounding with long 
-<commit votes="jhi arc" id="9e67a8c1b21482ed5fada053dd462eb23320dc86" 
ticket="" desc="Avoid test noise on non-longdouble."/>
-<commit votes="jhi arc" id="a149d1180209525972d84fd1a62f488da83e568a" 
ticket="128919" desc="limited exponent range in hex fp literal with long 
-<commit votes="jhi arc" id="7301378635b35757b228e07c14276afaf06a4728" 
ticket="" desc="Follow-up on a149d11"/>
-<commit votes="jhi arc" id="f5a466613ec0b74a224adb5b7da6da0a74713596" 
ticket="" desc="Use library testing for subnormality"/>
-<commit votes="jhi arc" id="f40ac91c3b9891b83f3d253861009c290584b646" 
ticket="" desc="Handle subnormals of x86 80-bit"/>
-<commit votes="jhi arc" id="b28053d1f063cb783e73b0596d1f58a21681fda6" 
ticket="" desc="Define Perl_fp_class() for quadmath"/>
-<commit votes="jhi arc" id="de1a8b537348227e83c8efd15d3cb36d9ac646f5" 
ticket="" desc="Test subnormals with quadmath"/>
-<commit votes="jhi arc" id="dd1645173d8209e05c419b0f3edc9b1c0f9643a8" 
ticket="" desc="Do not deploy the fractional matching without fractions"/>
-<commit votes="jhi arc" id="1bee6aebe39da1a4d681e8ea1b9d0329898a8407" 
ticket="" desc="Test data mistake was masked by mistaken fractional matching"/>
 <div><h3>New Feature Fixes</h3>
@@ -79,9 +52,9 @@ so I've voted for the cluster in total.
 <div><h3>Portability Fixes</h3>
-<commit votes="jhi" id="bf49eae4014ca7ff7b44362d99251f5b9f30bec8" 
desc="Perl_my_vsnprintf: avoid compiler warning"/>
+<commit votes="jhi steveh" id="bf49eae4014ca7ff7b44362d99251f5b9f30bec8" 
desc="Perl_my_vsnprintf: avoid compiler warning"/>
 <commit votes="steveh xsawyerx" id="8ed77d12c9275cd4e145ab50aaecf69730166a9b" 
desc="[perl #131726] [Win32] perl.h remaps 'strtoll' and 'strtoull' 
-<commit votes="tonyc" id="fd998cbffc88a8e50fa34259c36a8db338168383" ticket="" 
desc="make _GNU-ish function declarations visible on cygwin" />
+<commit votes="tonyc steveh" id="fd998cbffc88a8e50fa34259c36a8db338168383" 
ticket="" desc="make _GNU-ish function declarations visible on cygwin" />
diff --git a/votes-5.26.xml b/votes-5.26.xml
index 10dec30046..2ff6ad8c6b 100644
--- a/votes-5.26.xml
+++ b/votes-5.26.xml
@@ -40,6 +40,7 @@ Fixes a problem with the previous patch:
 <commit votes="steveh tonyc" id="655f5b268af8bf50c44ba4ae4803a33c9b792b8b" 
ticket="130861" desc="S_require_tie_mod(): use a new stack" />
 <commit votes="steveh tonyc" id="42752acc4959c5b770bbc29532bf2677f4533c4e" 
ticket="128207" desc="Make LOCK_LC_NUMERIC_STANDARD recursive" />
 <commit votes="steveh tonyc" id="9604fbf0722bd97ca6031a263c50ad52b6633db7" 
ticket="131526" desc="(perl #131526) don't go beyond the end of the NUL in 
my_atof2" />
+Take care when cherry-picking this: The test count isn't adjusted correctly by 
Git because maint-5.26 doesn't have 90c172854f (which reduced the count by one):
 <commit votes="steveh tonyc" id="bb152a4b442f7718fd37d32cc558be675e8ae1ae" 
ticket="131575" desc="don't call Perl_fbm_instr() with negative length" />
 <commit votes="steveh tonyc" id="e13dc8886fcabf88a521e8e73c358157b1fa4c8a" 
ticket="131627" desc="[perl #131627] Fix multideref for $x{qw/a/->$*}" />
 <commit votes="steveh tonyc" id="e26c6904d9f9f5ea818e590331b14038279332d1" 
ticket="131645" desc="[perl #131645] Fix assert fail in pp_sselect" />

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