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commit 474cb1c3e60c988d331fa8ef32f5fcf5f9cbe1b4
Author: Steve Hay <>
Date:   Tue Aug 8 20:51:49 2017 +0100

    Remove blocker commits now that I've added my vote and cherry-picked them
    I skipped 8e5993c4dc since it was a non-essential part of the #128086 fix,
    and I added 5cb51e4d38 and 118a40c4aa since they were required parts of the
    #128204 fix (several tests fail without them).

Summary of changes:
 votes-5.24.xml | 15 ---------------
 1 file changed, 15 deletions(-)

diff --git a/votes-5.24.xml b/votes-5.24.xml
index a6031773a5..65e46e8776 100644
--- a/votes-5.24.xml
+++ b/votes-5.24.xml
@@ -4,21 +4,6 @@
 <div><h2>Tickets Listed in #128222: 5.24.3 blockers</h2>
-This was a regression in 5.12. -arc
-<commit votes="sprout arc" id="f15d05806fb7522031b75cb5a8784727ae03b98a" 
ticket="127952" desc="[perl #127952] misoptimization for negated constant-ish 
on lhs of logop" />
-<commit votes="sprout arc" id="60a26c797bbff039ea7f861903732e7cceae415a" 
ticket="128086" desc="[perl #128086] Fix precedence in hv_ename_delete" />
-<commit votes="sprout arc" id="7f1bd063e5aa5aeb26ed9c39db6864cc0ecd7a73" 
ticket="128086" desc="[perl #128086] Test the prev commit" />
-This one does not fix a crash, but merely fixed bad debugging output that 
confused me when I (sprout) was fixing #128086.  Does it really belong here?
-<commit votes="" id="8e5993c4dcf9a5b7c84224dd04946a4e49ec96fe" ticket="128086" 
desc="Dump empty-string ENAMEs as empty strings" />
-<commit votes="sprout arc" id="fcd130693a9e7a753f63a08691ff619ad91bf8eb" 
ticket="128106" desc="[perl #128106] Fix reset with non-globs" />
-<commit votes="jhi arc" id="adec5bbf0b66ee5ebc2ba80eda2389bb68e23d86" 
ticket="128131" desc="fix symbol detection with gcc 6 link-time optimization 
(RT #128131)" />
-<commit votes="sprout arc" id="d674449463a15ac3f36086e3a0bb3a9d02729887" 
ticket="128171" desc="[perl #128171] Fix assert fail with /@0{0*->@*/*0" />
-<commit votes="sprout arc" id="76734a3218e712760695898e424c2369ccdd49c6" 
ticket="128204" desc="[perl #128204] Fix crash with @a &amp;.= etc." />
-<commit votes="sprout arc" id="4cb26c52ed90189e6e3564a4654b869fe4c4d3e6" 
ticket="128219" desc="PATCH: [perl #128219] typo in perlrecharclass" />
 <div><h2>Other Proposed Cherry-Picks</h2>

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